15 October:

The Museum hosted the Artonov Festival : Musik für ein Haus, with Antoine Pecqueur, Marie-Andrée Joerger,  Vincenzo Casale and students from the  La Cambre School of Architecture and the Visual Arts

For more information: http://festival-artonov.eu/programme-2017/


15 and 16 September:

The Museum was involved in Heritage Day events and held creative workshops on the theme of Horta and nature for younger visitors.


13 September:

The Museum took part in the first Culture Fair to be held in Saint-Gilles, with a view to developing projects with local cultural and social associations.


12 September:

Presentation of the work De fer et de verre, la maison du people de Victor Horta (Steel and Glass: Victor Horta’s “Maison du Peuple”), published by Les Impressions Nouvelles. Its author, Nicole Malinconi, and its editor, Benoit Peeters, attended the event. The Horta Museum provided the author with access to its archives while she was writing the book.


1 September:

Presentation of “Kronikas” at the Comic Book Festival held in the Royal Park, Brussels. This work was published in partnership with the Autrique House and the Vitrina de Valonia, Havana. “Dear Dautzenberg” is the story of  Horta’s imaginary stay in Havana, as conceived by Thierry Mondalaers.



October: An artist-patron supports the Horta Museum

The artist Eva Traey uses greenery to create arrangements in the form of mobiles. The leaves and twigs in her compositions flutter in the air, producing an evocative interplay of light and shade. These creations, which combine poetic qualities with precision, are somewhat reminiscent of works that were dear to Horta and his contemporaries. But this is not Eva Traey’s only consideration, as she is keen to support associations active in the domain of cultural heritage or humanitarianism through the sale of her work. This year, the Horta Museum is lucky enough to be her beneficiary, and we extend our warmest thanks to her.

 Link to website : http: //evatraey.com


Belgian Week in Havana (6-11 November 2016)

During the Belgian Week organised by the Brussels Capital Region in Havana, the Horta Museum, as a partner of the RANN (The Réseau Art Nouveau Network), had the honour and pleasure of representing the Municipality of Saint-Gilles and the Brussels Capital Region at an exhibition of photographs of the Horta Museum. This was held at the Vitrina de Valonia, in the heart of the Cuban capital. The photographs, by Louis Paul, provided the basis for a series of children’s workshops centering on Victor Horta’s visual language. These sessions culminated in an exhibition of works by the children, which was inaugurated by the Belgian Ambassador in Cuba on 11 November. Thanks to this initiative, we were able to develop close links with the children, their parents and teachers, and above all with the Vitrina’s  friendly and efficient staff, with whom we spent an unforgettable week of intensely creative and fruitful collaboration.


11 and 12 November: Presentation of “Au Cœur”, the new album by the band Tout Finira Bien.

Read the press release here: http://www.hortamuseum.be/uploads/Commiunique_presse_tfb.pdf


23, 29 and 30 October: Museum visits organised for families from Saint-Gilles

22 October: Children’s Festival, Saint-Gilles Town Hall


20 October: Inauguration of the Horta Museum extension. This initiative was carried out in association with the Beliris programme, the OZON architectural practice, the Brussels Capital Region and the Municipality of Saint-Gilles.


July: “Dad, Mum, Horta and Me”, guided tours and creative workshops for families.

Every morning, throughout the month of July, the Horta Museum held guided tours for children and their parents. These visits were adapted to suit the children’s ages. Exceptionally, the areas formerly used by the domestic staff were open for the tours. The visits took the form of a role-play activity for older children, and a treasure-hunt for the little ones. Through these activities, younger visitors were able to discover this remarkable house and the marvellous world created by Victor Horta in a pro-active way. After the visit, they had the opportunity to take part in a creative workshop, where they  could produce their own Art Nouveau-style work inspired by nature: a “stained glass” window, a mosaic, a mural painting, an Art Nouveau house made of paper, etc.

 04, 05 and 06 July 2016 - 9h30 to 12h30 : Mosaic Workshop 

07 to 08 July 2016 - 9h30 to 12h30 : Stained Glass Paper Workshop

11 July to 15 July 2016 - 9h30 to 12h30 : "Little Art Nouveau Paper House" Workshop
18, 19, 20 July 2016 - 9h30 to 12h30 : Mixed Media Workshop (stained glass, paper sculpture, painting, etc.) 



A group of embroiderers:
Laure Hassel, Elisabeth Horth, Isabelle Stevens, 
Three embroiderers, three journeys, three needles.



The “Horta Has Class” project involved a partnership between the Horta Museum and the Pierre Paulus Institute. Over 90 pupils took part in visits to the Museum and the Municipality of Saint-Gilles over the school year. These excursions provided a basis for workshops, where they could try their hand at using various techniques, such as stained glass or mosaic making, paper sculptures, etc. The pupils’ creations were exhibited in the Museum, in the form of a reproduction of an Art Nouveau interior.





Following the workshop organised at the Porte de Halle by the Department of Monuments and Sites in 2015, we embarked on a partnership with the Heritage Classes, by holding a series of visits on the theme of restoration. The first of these focused on working with wood, as it was intended for pupils learning carpentry. They were accompanied on their visit to the Museum by painter and restorer Christian Feuillaux, who explained the techniques used to restore wooden elements (sanding, staining, applying different types of varnishes, etc.) Afterwards, the group went to the Hannon Town House, a counterpoint to the Museum with regard to building restoration.  A small brochure on restoration was published for the occasion and given to the students. This revealed all the small indications, details, and, indeed, the chance or luck that sometimes enabled an entire room to be restored.



10 December : “The Caïus Experience  2015”. The grand annual Caïus Awards ceremony organised by Prométhéa is designed to recognise and reward partnerships between cultural institutions and enterprises or firms. On the occasion of Prométhéa’s 30th anniversary, the Horta Museum was particularly honoured. It was one of six projects selected for presentation to  a judging panel, and had its own dedicated exhibition space.

12 November : “Reception held by Prométhéa for Art & Build”. In honour of the skills partnership established by Prométhéa and supported by Art & Build, a reception was held in the company of Mr Charles Piqué and a number of investors ready to sponsor the Museum’s future exhibitions and projects for expansion.

17 October : “Children’s Festival”, Saint-Gilles. The Horta Museum organised a creative workshop for children at the Saint-Gilles Town Hall.

24 and 25 October : “The Art Nouveau-Art Deco Biennial”. This Biennial attracts a large number of visitors, who come to see the remarkable Art Nouveau and Art Deco buildings that Brussels has to offer. The Horta Museum was involved in this important event, and enhanced its visitor experiences by offering guided tours throughout the weekend.

16 March : “The Danish Girl” a film by Tom Hooper, was screened at the Museum.


11 December 2014 : Press conference and cocktail party to mark the publication of “Rastaquarium. Marcel Proust et le ‘Modern Style’”, a book by Sophie Basch.


13 October : “Children’s Festival”, Saint-Gilles. The Horta Museum organised a creative workshop for children at the Saint-Gilles Town Hall.

10 October 2014 : Ceremony to inaugurate the plaque for the Europa Nostra Award 2014. This was unveiled in the presence of the European Commissioner for Education and Culture, Mme A. Vassiliou.


Early October : After a project lasting 25 years, the final stage of restoration work on the Museum was completed with the installation of the chandelier in the dining room  (see the section on “Restoration” on the Horta Museum website). 


30 June – 1st September 2014 : “Hortamôma”, in partnership with the “La Plume” primary school. The children studied Horta’s creative process, taking the observation of the natural world as their starting-point, by drawing and studying the decorative techniques that Horta used in the house. These include mosaic work, wall papering, mural painting and stained glass work. They were then able to present the results of their work, as their creations were exhibited in the Museum.


5 May 2014 : The restoration work on the Horta Museum received a European Union Prize for Cultural Heritage / Europa Nostra Award in Vienna in 2014. This prestigious prize was given in recognition of the work carried out by Barbara Van der Wee, the architect in charge of the conservation project, and the Museum’s curator, Françoise Aubry, for adapting Horta’s home to its function as a museum and restoring it to a state as close as possible to its original glory.


From 17 May : “Côme Perché’s Paper Workshop”. As part of the “Journeys in Art” exhibitions, Côme Perché produced a series of paper sculptures. His creations now grace the sculpture studio, where they form part of a “cabinet of curiosities”, alongside Victor Horta’s original plaster models, as well as plaster models from the studios at the Royal Museums of Art and History, and shells and stuffed animals lent by Belgium’s Museum of Natural Sciences. Useful aesthetic and educational connections have been established between these varied items, which are of interest to visitors of every age.



25 January- 2 February : Works by Victor Horta, acquired by the King Baudouin Foundation, were lent for display at the “Brussels Fine Art Fair” (BRAFA). They were exhibited at the King Baudouin Foundation’s stand.


From 15 January 2014 : “Horta’s Rooms”. In partnership with the Horta Museum, the PULLMAN Brussels Midi Hôtel (Place Victor Horta n° 1), decorated a room in the style of the great architect. The inauguration took place at the Pullman Art Night.