What is Horta & Co?

Horta & Co is an organisation founded in early 2021 under the auspices of the Horta Museum.

Taking an interdisciplinary approach, activities organised by Horta & Co include lectures, visits, walking tours, day trips, colloquia, travel and study days.

Activities take place in Dutch, English and French.

Horta & Co will immerse you in the fascinating oeuvre of the pioneers of the Art Nouveau movement: Victor Horta, Paul Hankar and Henry Van de Velde. Lesserknown contemporaries will also be featured, such as Jules Brunfaut, Maria Sèthe, Lina and Paul Cauchie, Jean-Baptiste Dewin, Léon Govaerts, Anna Boch, Gustave Strauven, Emiel Van Averbeke, Ernest Blerot, Paul
Saintenoy, as well as a number of international stars such as Margaret MacDonald, Hector Guimard, Lilla Hansen, Emile Gallé, Josef Hoffmann and Antoni Gaudí.

Horta & Co explores not only architecture, but also the applied arts, furniture design, literature, craftsmanship, landscape and urban planning, from the Art Nouveau period in the late 19th century to just after World War II.

More information will follow soon...

Horta & C°, an initiative of:
Werner Adriaenssens, Arlette Clauwers, Tom Packet, Linsy Raaffels, Dirk Van de Vijver, Jos Vandenbreeden, Ann Voets & Benjamin Zurstrassen / Horta Museum

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