Educational service


"The primary mission of the Horta Museum's educational service is to introduce young people to Victor Horta's work and to open them up to the concepts of heritage preservation and transmission. The play-based, proactive tours, accompanied by creative workshops, seek to awaken children and adolescents' sense of beauty, while stimulating their creativity. Our inclusive projects for vulnerable audiences echo the philosophical and social vision of Victor Horta who, in the dehumanized industrial context of his day, placed nature and artisans at the centre of his creative work, deeply convinced that Art has the power to uplift us and enlighten our daily lives."

Thierry Mondelaers
Visitors Manager

We are always looking to widen our educational scope and welcome more schools and associations to developp new projects. Please email Thierry Mondelaers directly to discuss further: info@hortamuseum.be

Educational opportunities include:

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NURSERY SCHOOLS (2nd and 3rd years)

Hidden nature

We take a tour, on the theme of nature. Children are invited to discover the animals and plants hidden in the decoration of the house. They can touch the materials that the architect used, grind coffee in the kitchen and discover the smells of a house from the past. The visit is extended by a specially adapted creative workshop.

Price: 5 euros per child, 2.50 euros for schools in Saint-Gilles


Horta Mondays

Every Monday morning, the museum welcomes primary schools for a pay-based, pro-active and immersive guided tour of the house and of the days of Victor Horta. The visit is followed by a creative workshop exploring a technique encountered in the house (wall painting, stained glass, sculpture etc.)

Price: 5 euros per child, 2.50 euros for schools in Saint-Gilles

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Victor in class

During the COVID period, our educational service can come to your school to present a guided activity in the classroom. Presentation of the museum and Art Nouveau, followed by a creative workshop: Duration: 2 hours

Price: 70 euros (creative material included), 50 euros for schools in Saint-Gilles 


Thematic guided tours


Educational partnership project between the museum, an artist and a school (primary or secondary). Projects initiated and supported by COCOF.

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On Wednesday afternoons, during school periods, we offer a visit plus workshop to members of registered associations under the ATL (Accueil temps libre) scheme for providing out-of-school children's activities.

Groups limited to 15 people including children and accompanying adults.


Morning tours and workshops during the autumn, carnival and spring holidays half-term holidays. This module is intended for associations and families (outside the COVID period)

Groups limited to 15 people, including children and accompanying adults.

Price: associations: 5 euros per child, free for supervisors (2 per group). Half price for inhabitants of Saint-Gilles

Family: 5 euros per child, 10 euros for adults. Half price for inhabitants of Saint-Gilles


Each year the Horta museum organizes a summer course in partnership with the Maison Autrique, in each case involving a social association in the development and animation of the project. This formula allows us to offer a summer course at very low prices to children from socially disadvantaged backgrounds.

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In recent years, the museum has been confronted with the emergence of new visitor groups from the social sector (benefits claimants, newcomers to the country, adults in literacy classes, etc.). To provide the best possible welcome, we set up appropriate tools (lexical visits) and offer inclusive projects in partnership with the support associations (summer courses, workshops led by the group, inclusion in other museum activities)


Development of a play-based lexical project on the theme of the Art Nouveau house, intended for audiences learning French. This module, designed in partnership with the Maison Autrique, is supported by Urban Brussels and will be operational in November 2021.


The museum produced a 'tactile suitcase' for a presentation of the museum in the Braille League's library in Saint-Gilles. The suitcase then travelled to the League's various centres in Wallonia.

It is available on request.

Under development

Tactile, sensory and musical visit in the music room of Victor Horta's house.

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Self-guided visit

Explore the Horta museum with your family using to Simone's notebooks: The Horta Museum, a family visit. This richly illustrated visitor's guide accompanies young and old in the world of Victor Horta, enabling them to discover the architect's house in a play-based and interactive way, with the help of simple texts, punctuated by small games. A copy is offered free of charge to families with children.


If you'd like to discuss any of the above for your school or association, please email Thierry Mondelaers directly to discuss further: info@hortamuseum.be

We'd be happy to hear from you.