Curator, Benjamin Zurstrassen: b.zurstrassen@hortamuseum.be

Deputy curator of the Horta Museum, Elisabeth Horth: elisabeth@hortamuseum.be

Deputy curator of the Hannon Museum, Grégory Van Aelbrouck: gregory@hannonmuseum.be

Head of education and social initiatives, Thierry Mondelaers: thierry@hortamuseum.be

Technical Coordinator, Christophe Malvolti: christophe@hortamuseum.be

Scientific assistant (Research Center) and communication manager,, Camille Paget: camille@hortamuseum.be

Restorer in charge of the collections, Allison Michel: allison@hortamuseum.be

Executive assistant, Karen Colpaert: info@hortamuseum.be

Security Manager, Mohammed Tighzoui: mtighzoui@hortamuseum.be