Hortamuseum - Restoration



1987  Reconstruction of the layout of the garden by the architect Jean Delhaye

1990 Reinforcement of the main staircase

1993 Restoration of the studio grille

1994 Restoration of the roofs and the rear façades 

1995-6 Restoration of the ground floor and the studio cellar

1997 Laying of a new pavement in blue stone in front of the Museum and the studio; restoration of the wall decorations

1998-9 Creation of reception areas on the ground floor and in the studio cellar

 2000 Installation of the spiral staircase from the Maison du Peuple in the studio cellar

 2001 Wall hangings installed in the bel-étage salons and stairwell

 2002 Restoration of Simone’s room on the second floor; restoration of Horta’s office and waiting room

 2004 Restoration of the bathroom on the first floor; replacement of all the ‘modern’ radiators with antique cast-iron models

 2006 From 1969 to 1977 the first floor of the Museum was occupied by the Order of Architects. In 2006 the entire restoration concluded with, amongst other things, the hanging of William Morris wallpaper, reprinted by hand, and with watered-silk wall hangings.

 2009-10 Removal of the lift installed in the sixties and reconstruction of the servants’ staircase; restoration of the cellar kitchen